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PortSIP PBX v6.0 is released

PortSIP PBX v6.0 is released

Aug 28, 2016 – PortSIP — A leading provider of Business Communications, software-based IP PBX, WebRTC and video conferencing technologies over IP and wireless networks, released the PortSIP PBX v6.0.

PortSIP PBX v6.0 is PortSIP’s latest PBX update and extends PortSIP’s innovation in the Midmarket, delivering greater resilience, security and value through a wide range of endpoints, and fully integrated, easy to use, resilient desktop and mobile clients.

Cloud ready

PortSIP PBX v6.0 is real multi-tenant IP Phone System, which largely focuses on the cloud. PortSIP has taken a different path to the cloud than most of its competitors. Rather than build out a direct, public cloud service, it has cloud-enabled its PortSIP PBX as a service that its partners can deliver.

Cloud-delivered services have many additional requirements over premises-based solutions. PortSIP PBX v6.0 will streamline deployments, simplify management, increase resiliency and security, improve performance and capacities, and enable experience improvements.


PortSIP PBX v6.0 provides full REST API, it’s easy to integrate with your currently ERP or CRM system.

Improve the installation

PortSIP has made a number of changes in v6.0 that reduce installation time. For example, PortSIP enables automatic detection of other version PortSIP PBX and related components.

Ultra-compatible, scalable and Super stable

You can deploy the v6.0 with large scale architecture in simple way to easily handle 10K+ concurrent calls.

Web Management Console enhancements

a. New interface
b. More functionality for configuring users(extensions), SIP domain and transport, ring group, call queue, conference, page/intercom