Upgrade PortSIP PBX from v12.0 / v12.1 to v12.3.2

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If your current installation is the PortSIP PBX v12.0 / 12.1 for Windows, please upgrade it to v12.3.2.

Warning: since the trunk and inbound rule settings has been changed, please pay attention to below issues:

  • If you have the inbound rule in v12.0/12.1 which is assigned with more than one trunk/provider, once upgraded to v12.3.2, the rule will keep one trunk/provider for this inbound rule only.
  • You must check all inbound rules of all tenants. If the DID number mask for the inbound rule contains a range, wildcard, or multiple numbers, you must replace it with a single number or a single * before upgrading as the inbound rule may only include a single * or a specific number in v12.3.2. For example, if there is an inbound rule in v12.1 for which the DID number mask is 123;210-220;56*; *89, you must modify it to a single number as the inbound rule may only include single * or a specific number in v12.3.2.

Before upgrade to v12.3, we recommend you backup your currently v12.0/v12.1 PBX:

  • Sign in Web Management Console of PortSIP PBX v12
  • Click menu "Advanced > Backup", click the "Backup" button and follow the instructions to backup the PBX
  • After the backup completed, click the "..." of the backup file to download and save it
  • If failed to upgrade the PBX, you can restore your PBX from the saved backup file, the guide is in the PBX user guide section 11.9.

After backup the PBX, follow up below steps to upgrade:

  1. Go to c:/programdata/portsip folder, delete all *.bak files and folders
  2. Download the v12.3.2 installer for windows.
  3. After downloaded the v12.3 installer for Windows, you only need to double-click the installer, which will guide you through the upgrade process.