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PortSIP PBX Features

PortSIP PBX free Edition and Full Edition are equipped with same features, with the only difference that the free Edition only support up to 3 simultaneous calls only.

FeaturesFree EditionFull Edition
Number of Simultaneous Calls Supported3>10,000
Linux Support (CentOS, RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu)YY
Call LogsYY
Call Forward on Busy or No AnswerYY
Call Routing by DIDYY
Auto Attendant / Digital ReceptionistYY
Voicemail/ Music on HoldYY
Central PhonebookYY
Call TransferYY
MWI – Message Waiting IndicatorYY
Ring Extension and forward to mobile if no answerYY
Automatic Pickup on BusyYY
Supports SIP Trunks/ GatewaysYY
Custom SMTP ServerYY
Busy Lamp Field (BLF)YY
Call ReportsYY
Call Parking / PickupYY
Call QueueYY
Audio Call RecordingYY
Video Call RecordingYY
Intercom/ PagingYY
Call Recordings ManagementYY
Configure BLF’s from the ClientsYY
Web-based Management ConsoleYY
Automated Provisioning of DevicesYY
Real Time Web-based System StatusYY
Integrated Web ServerYY
Easy Backup and RestoreYY
VMware / Hyper-V CompatibilityYY
Scheduled BackupYY
Scheduled RestoreYY
Inbuilt Fail Over FunctionalityYY
Standby LicenseYY
Deploy as clusterYY
See the Presence of Your ColleaguesYY
Receive Voice Mail via EmailYY
Advanced Forwarding RulesYY
Setting Up Conference CallsYY
Offline messageYY
Sending file, picture, audio and video messageYY
View Presence of Remote OfficesYY
Advanced Queue StrategiesYY
Advanced Call ReportingYY
Real Time Queue StatisticsYY
Send email notifications to queue manager if call lostYY
Send email notifications to queue manager if the SLA was breachedYY
Ability to Use PortSIP VoIP SDKYY
Real Time Queue MonitoringYY
Virtual Receptionist Action URLYY
Call Recordings SearchYY
Set the extensions as call queue managerYY
Blacklist of Call QueueYY
Android Client (Provide rebrand/OEM)YY
iOS Client (Provide rebrand/OEM)YY
Windows ClientYY
Mac ClientYY
Web clientYY
Mobile push noticationYY
Avoid NAT ProblemsYY
Automatic Plug & Play Phone ProvisioningYY
Manage IP Phones Network Wide from ConsoleYY
Restart Phones RemotelyYY
Supports Popular SIP PhonesYY
Provide Client VoIP SDK(Android, iOS, Windows, macOS)YY
Plugin Free – WebRTCYY
One-click conferenceTBDTBD
Meeting RecordingYY
Unlimited ExtensionsYY
Meeting Participants Included3100
E164 Number processingYY
IP Blacklist/WhitelistYY
Limited outbound call if the balance is not enough
Number blacklist
Maximum simultaneous calls of per server310,000
Holiday scheduleYY
Log and Event ViewYY
Scan QR code to provisionYY

Top Reasons For Choosing PortSIP

Not forked from open source PBX

PortSIP PBX is developed by PortSIP team and isn’t forked from any open source VoIP PBX, which means much better performance and features.

Video conferencing

PortSIP PBX has built-in MCU,  is an unparalleled, SIP standards video conferencing and collaboration solution that transforms your communications, increases productivity, slashes travel expenses, boosts customer service and propels sales!

Professional and realtime support

PortSIP has ability to provides the professional and realtime support since the PBX system is developed by own team, no dependencies on other third party.

Client SDK and Mobile App

PortSIP also provides the client VoIP SDK and Mobile App, offers customization and rebranding service with one times PortSIP PBX license fee.


PortSIP provide customization service that allows users to add new features according to their requirements, user could has unique PBX as to facilitate their business.

WebRTC Gateway

PortSIP PBX integrated the WebRTC Gateay which allows you make & receive calls or join video conference from web browser, without the need to download any plugins, bridge the communications between Internet and SIP.