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PortSIP PBX Features

PortSIP PBX free Edition and Full Edition are equipped with same features, with the only difference that the free Edition only support up to 3 simultaneous calls only.

FeaturesFree EditionFull Edition
Number of the maximum of online extensions10Base on the license
Number of Simultaneous Calls Supported3Unlimited
Linux OS: CentOS, Debian, UbuntuYY
Windows OS: Win 10, Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2018YY
Docker container deploymentsYY
Cluster deploymentsYY
High AvailabilityYY
Congestion ManagementYY
Admin can switch to tenant role to manage the tenant's resource and switch
back by one click, no need sign out and sign in again
Sending file, pictureYY
Sending screenshotYY
HD audio callYY
HD video callYY
Rich text chatYY
Audio conferenceYY
Video conferenceYY
Conference recordingYY
Dial in conference from trunkYY
Invite mobile phone or landline into conferenceYY
Transfer the call into conferenceYY
See all particiants in the conferenceYY
Text chat to participants in the conferenceYY
Sharing screen or application window to particpants in the conferenceYY
Conference management: Lock, mute, start recording, stop recording, kick participant, change video layout.YY
Sharing screenYY
Multi callsYY
Call WaitingYY
Custom global office hoursYY
Custom extension office hoursYY
Custom office hours for inbound ruleYY
Custom office hours for outbound rulesYY
Custom holidaysYY
Exception routeYY
Route call base on the callee status (busy, ready/not ready, offline, no answer within the time specified)YY
Route call base on the DID and CIDYY
Disable inbound rule base on the custom office hoursYY
Disable outbound rule base on the custom office hoursYY
Route inbound call base on the specified office hoursYY
Route extension call base on the specified office hoursYY
Advanced route forward rulesYY
Auto attendantYY
Voice MailYY
Central phone bookYY
Auto-Sync phone book to AppYY
Call Hold / Call resumeYY
Early MediaYY
Attended transferYY
Blind transferYY
Ring multiple device simultaneouslyYY
Pick up the ringing callYY
Pick up the held callYY
Support connect to the E1/T1 gateway, SIP Trunk, IMS SIP TrunkYY
Configure custom SMTPYY
Configure custom DNS ServerYY
Configure custom Web domainYY
Configure custom SIP domian for each tenantYY
Configure custom transport portsYY
Multiple transports(WSS, TLS, TCP, UDP)YY
Busy Lamp Field (BLF)YY
Generate the call reportYY
Audio call recordingYY
Video call recordingYY
Record the caller and callee voice in separated track(dual track recording)YY
Recording files management??list??query??download??play in web browser, delete??YY
Intercom/ PagingYY
Confiture BLFYY
Web management UIYY
IP Phone Auto ProvisioningYY
Configure the mobile app by scan QR codeYY
Configure Windows desktop app by scan QR codeYY
Configure the WebRTC client by scan QR codeYY
Display status and statics on WebYY
Display all components status on WebYY
Log file managementYY
Events viewerYY
Activity viewerYY
Integrated the Web ServerYY
Backup and resotre by the snapshot of Virtual Machine or cloud serverYY
VMware / Hyper-VYY
Public cloud(AWS, AZURE, GCE and so on)YY
Send voice mail by emailYY
Send extension account configure information by emailYY
Ring GroupYY
Group/Call Queue Polling Strategy: Ring SimultaneouslyYY
Group/Call Queue Ring Simultaneously: Prioritized HuntYY
Group/Call Queue Polling Strategy:: Cyclic HuntYY
Group/Call Queue Polling Strategy:: Least Worked HuntYY
Group/Call Queue Polling Strategy:: Paging/IntercomYY
Call queue / Call center / Contact centerYY
Monitor the callYY
Exclusive AgentYY
VIP number (Will be answered 1st priority)YY
Two levels list of harassment, play alert voice to the caller who in the listYY
Lost calls queryYY
Queue managerYY
Set multiple extensions a queue managerYY
Custom queue SLA timeYY
Provide REST API to set the agent ready or not ready statusYY
Allow / disallow set the agent status to not ready automatically after agent completed a callYY
Send alert email to the queue manager when a new lost call appears in the queueYY
Send alert email to the queue manager when the caller in the waiting queue reached SLA timeYY
List the lost calls of the queueYY
Custom prompt fileYY
Custom intro prompt fileYY
Announce Queue position to waiting callerYY
Custom maximum callers waiting in the queueYY
Custom the interval for Announce Queue positionYY
Custom the queue SLA timeYY
Search call recordingYY
Android AppYY
Windows Desktop AppYY
WebRTC Client AppYY
macOS AppYY
Android SDKYY
Windows SDKYY
Mobile client app push notificaitonsYY
Avoid the NAT issues automaticallyYY
Auto provision IP phone by PnP, RPS, SBCYY
Reboot Phone remotelyYY
Disallow the internal call by country codeYY
Process E164 numberYY
Add the IP into blacklist automatically base on the failed authoriation timesYY
Add the IP into blacklist automatically base on the IP packets rateYY
Allow add the IP into IP blacklist and whitelist manuallyYY
Music On HoldYY
Set the music files list for Music On HoldYY
Play the music files randomly for Music On HoldYY
Add / manage the blocked numbersYY
Action URL for the Auto attendantYY
Route the call base on the Action URL resultYY
Billing base on the called number prefixYY
Limited call to national and internation if no enogh balanceYY
Billing to outbound callYY
Billing to inbound callYY
Custom billing rule: Connect fee, Grace Period, Free Seconds, Interval 1, Price 1, nterval N, Price N,
Post Call Surcharge base on percent)
WebSocket PublisherYY
Publish the extensions events to WebSocket Subscriber(register, unregister, start call, call ringring, call answered,
call hangup, call failed, call hold/unhold)
Publish CDR to WebSocket Subscriber once a call is completedYY
Publish the trunk status to WebSocket Subscriber (Trunk connected, trunk disconnected)YY
Publish the queue status to WebSocket Subscriber(the call push into the queue, the call lost from the queue,
the call is pop up from the queue, the call is answered by agent, the call is failed)
Web Hook(Send the extension events, CDR events to the Web URL)YY
Outbound caller IDYY
Set special Outbound caller ID for emgency callYY
Set Outbound caller ID for extensionYY
Set Outbound caller ID for conferenceYY
Set Outbound caller ID for call queueYY
Enable/disable display extension password in browserYY
Extension groupYY
Extension profileYY
Save extension QR code from web pageYY
Update Extension balanceYY
Extension group managementYY
Multiple extension group managementYY
Update extension permissions by manage the extension groupYY
Allow/disallow the extensions which in the specified extension group
make the outbound call
Allow/disallow the extensions which in the specified extension group
access web management
Extension can sign in the Web Management by enter extension number or emailYY
Allow/disallow extension delete his recording filesYY
Allow/disallow tenant/extension sign in the Web Management cocurrent from
multiple devices
Allow custom maximum times of failed authorization for sign in Web ManagementYY
Allow custom maximum time duration of IP blocked if the IP was blocked due to failed
authorizatio times exceeds when sign in the Web Management.

Top Reasons For Choosing PortSIP

Not forked from open source PBX

PortSIP PBX is developed by PortSIP team and isn’t forked from any open source VoIP PBX, which means much better performance and features.

Video conferencing

PortSIP PBX has built-in MCU,  is an unparalleled, SIP standards video conferencing and collaboration solution that transforms your communications, increases productivity, slashes travel expenses, boosts customer service and propels sales!

Professional and realtime support

PortSIP has ability to provides the professional and realtime support since the PBX system is developed by own team, no dependencies on other third party.

Client SDK and Mobile App

PortSIP also provides the client VoIP SDK and Mobile App, offers customization and rebranding service with one times PortSIP PBX license fee.


PortSIP provide customization service that allows users to add new features according to their requirements, user could has unique PBX as to facilitate their business.

WebRTC Gateway

PortSIP PBX integrated the WebRTC Gateay which allows you make & receive calls or join video conference from web browser, without the need to download any plugins, bridge the communications between Internet and SIP.