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A solution for VoIP Anti-blocking

A solution for VoIP Anti-blocking

Guaranteed your VoIP service through any NAT or firewall

VoIP Anti Blocking

VoIP Anti Blocking

Many countries block VoIP calling as it could lead to loss of revenues to their local telecom Companies like UAE (Gulf) etc, so the population residing there has no solution but to make regular PSTN phone calls which are certainly costly over the counterpart VoIP free to cheap calls.


PERS is a carrier-grade server which enables VoIP Anti-blocking, guaranteed firewall and NAT traversal for dekstop and mobile applications, SIP IP Phone over any network, through any firewall or NAT, and to any device.

How PERS works

For example a VoIP provider currently running the VoIP Service on a server which in US:, the port is 5060, provider want extend the VoIP service to UAE(the country which blocked the VoIP).


Provider just need to set up a PERS server and place it in a country which not block the VoIP, such as Japan, US, Germany etc., assuming the PERS server IP is:, port is: 8022. In the PERS configure file, point the PERS to SIP server:


The UAE users run PortSIP’s PortGo Softphone or a client which created base on PortSIP VoIP SDK, choose the transport to “PERS”, enter the PERS IP “” as SIP server IP, enter the PERS port 8022 as SIP server port, then all are done, the users can make and receive VoIP calls as normal.

VoIP Anti Blocking
VoIP Anti Blocking

Seamless integration

PERS is currently the best solution in the industry for VoIP Anti-blocking. The technology is built on real-time flexible virtual tunneling architectures for achieving seamless voice and video traversal, still run over the UDP transport without latency.

It’s offers crisp and clear audio and video quality providing a new experience when making or receiving calls through Internet. No changes are required if apply the PERS into currently living VoIP Service .

Unique Business Value

PERS guarantees 100% NAT traversal through any firewall, NAT, proxy, or UPnP, just requires the Firewall open two Ports. It supports all NAT types including Full-cone NAT, restricted-cone NAT, and Symmetric NAT; Supports all networks including cable, DSL, WiFi and LTE.


  • 10,000+ concurrent voice calls/per server
  • 2,000+ concurrent video calls
  • 100% data delivery
VoIP Anti Blocking

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