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A bridge between web browser and VoIP

Platform and device independent

Interoperability with UC

Improve Mobile Experience

WebRTC Gateway

Why need the WebRTC Gateway

PortSIP WebRTC Gateway provides an intelligent bridge between traditional Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks and the open ecosystem of the Internet. PortSIP empowers network operators to deliver competitive applications over the Internet and unlocks new revenue potential from their existing wireless and fixed communication assets.


This carrier-class platform interworks the signaling and media planes of the web and telecom worlds, extending real-time communications and collaboration capabilities to web-enabled applications – including voice, video, presence, call history, instant messaging, and collaboration.

Smooth Interworking with wide range PBX

Not only PortSIP PBX, The PortSIP WebRTC Gateway also compatibles with wide range IP  PBX and SIP Servers, such as Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, FreePBX, OpenSIPS, which  means  add browser – and mobile-based WebRTC capabilities to an existing IP-PBX or call center solution without needing software or hardware upgrades.

Bridge between WebRTC and VoIP

Social Networking

With the emerging development of social networking and the increasing market share over Internet, the centric problem has turn to be integrate current services with social network for traditional service providers. PortSIP WebRTC Gateway provides full user experience for providers with solutions, bridge the WebRTC Gateway and services by providers to integrate current services with social networking to unlock the source of new revenues.

Efficient support

PortSIP provides efficient real-time support to solve your queries and problems in your business.


Once purchased PortSIP WebRTC Gateway, enterprises are promised with remote or on-site support in 24 X 7. We could serve enterprises on issues ranging from BUG solving to technical support in product deployment, to help to deliver better customer service and higher productivity.

Realtime technical support

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