PortSIP PBX 9.4 - Available Today!

PortSIP PBX 9.4

April 5, 2018 — PortSIP Solutions, Inc., developer of the software-based Unified Communications Solution, announces the PortSIP PBX V9.4 is ready!

A Complete, Powerful, Unified Communications Solution for both on-premise deployment and cloud
The v9.4 release includes below new things:
  • Now support both Linux and Windows OS, you can run the PortSIP PBX on CentOS, RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu
  • Support audio and video call reccording
  • Provide REST APIs allow manage, download the recording files
  • Provide REST APIS allow SIP client app Sign in PBX by Email and Web password
  • Support the security feature for anti Hacking - D.O.S attack and Fake Authroization attack
  • Added the ability to set the allowed country code and disallowed country code
  • Added the ability to process E164 format number
  • Fixed some bugs
  • More enhancements for stability

Please download the PortSIP PBX here for free trial.