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About Us

The New Way to Success

PortSIP is constantly improving its products, quickly responding to the needs and suggestions of established customer base that spans 50 countries on 6 continents. The quality of our products and technical support is greatly appreciated by our customers.


PortSIP’s customers include some of the world’s largest telecommunications service providers and IT companies, including HP, Philips, CallCentric, Qualcomm, NEC, Cisco(Brazil), Siemens(India), Unify Inc., KMPG(Taiwan), Agilent, Keysight, Fujitsu, Alibaba Group.


We serve 5,000+ companies customers around the world in past 6 years. Our diverse product line will meet your need regardless if you are a small, local new regional enterprise/ITSP looking for a cost effective competitively featured communication solution or a traditional large company looking to enhance your branded triple threat options with customized state-of-the-art voice and video solutions integrated into your existing “look and feel” voice, video services platform.


Our solutions solve traditional business problems using advanced technology. We constantly strive to improve the way companies around the world do business, helping them reduce costs, expand their reach, and maximize efficiency for a direct impact on their bottom line.


Our potent combination of technology and services is supported by strategic alliances with other innovative companies. Together with our partners, PortSIP is opening the door to the next generation of global communication.


Three core values underlie the strength of our company:


Innovation — expanding the boundaries of VoIP and telephony

Dedication —our commitment to our customers

Creativity — the driving force behind our success


These core values fuel PortSIP’s efforts to make our vision of better communication a reality, and lay the groundwork for the lasting relationships we nurture with customers and partners. Moreover, these values are the qualities we prize in the people who make up the PortSIP team.

PortSIP is everything you need a Robust Integrated Solutions !