Software based, Multi-tenant VoIP PBX, On-premise or in the Cloud.


PortSIP makes installation, management and of VoIP PBX in easy way that you can effortlessly manage it yourself. Commercial support is provided, your problems are solved in the minutes.

All-In-One Unified Communications

Software based Unified Communications solution offers WebRTC, Audio, video, conferencing, Presence, Instant Message, Voice Mail and Mobile PUSH features, include PBX, VoIP SDK and Mobile apps.

A Complete, Powerful, Unified Communications Solution

PortSIP is a software-based SIP PBX that offers complete Unified Communications, audio, video, Instant Messaging, WebRTC, Mobile PUSH all in one.

Easy Installation and Management

PortSIP PBX aims to provide Easy Installation and Management VoIP PBX system for Unified Communications. It’s easily installed and managed by newbies, which doesn’t require extensive telecom knowledge or training.

  • Follow the wizard just need a few clicks to setup
  • Configuration templates for supported IP Phones, SIP Trunks
  • Easy backup and redundancy to boot with Hyper-V or Vmware
PortSIP PBX in cloud

Multi-tenant, Cloud ready

PortSIP PBX offers true multi-tenant capabilities, which allow service providers to work on a single infrastructure. Individual tenants are divided by virtual partitions, each of which stores all of the individual tenant’s data, configurations and customized settings.

The centralized control for all tenants and extensions, each tenant still has individual control of configurations and settings as if they were hosted on a single dedicated server.

Mobility with PUSH notification

PortSIP PBX support PUSH notification which allows you don’t need to keep the client app in mobile phone background, reduce the battery consume.

  • Mobile PUSH notification for call and messaging
  • Answer call from mobile or IP Phone or Windows Softphone
  • Take your office extension with you anywhere.
PortSIP PBX integration

Seamless integration

PortSIP PBX provides full REST API which allow manage the VoIP PBX from any programming languages, it’s a flexible way to provide different kinds of applications with data formatted in a standard way.

  • Full REST API provided
  • Easy to integrate with your currently ERP or CRM system
  • Meet integration requirements that are critical to building systems
  • Data can be easily combined

Top Reasons For Choosing PortSIP

Not forks from open source PBX

PortSIP PBX is developed by PortSIP team which doesn’t forks from any open source VoIP PBX, which means the much better performance and features.

Professional and realtime support

PortSIP has ability to provides the professional and realtime support since the SIP PBX system is developed by PortSIP team, no dependencies on other third party.


PortSIP provide customization service that allows users to add new features according to their requirements, user could has unique VoIP PBX as to facilitate their business.

Video conferencing

PortSIP PBX has built-in MCU,  is an unparalleled, SIP standards video conferencing and collaboration solution that transforms your communications, increases productivity, slashes travel expenses, boosts customer service and propels sales!

Client SDK and Mobile App

PortSIP also provides the client VoIP SDK and Mobile App, offers customization and rebranding service with one times PortSIP PBX license fee.

WebRTC Gateway

PortSIP PBX integrated the WebRTC Gateay which allows you make & receive calls or join video conference from web browser, without the need to download any plugins, bridge the communications between Internet and SIP.