PortSIP PBX SP7 for 9.4.0 is ready

PortSIP PBX SP7 for 9.4.0

Nov 07, 2018 — PortSIP Solutions, Inc., developer of the software-based Unified Communications Solution, announces the SP7 for PortSIP PBX 9.4.0 is ready!

A Complete, Powerful, Unified Communications Solution for both on-premise deployment and cloud
The SP7 doesn't add any new features, but fixed some bugs, it's more stable.

Upgrade guide for Windows:

  • If you would like install on a fresh server, just download the PBX 9.4.7  installers at https://www.portsip.com/download-portsip-pbx/ and install it as the instructions.
  • If you are already installed the 9.4.0 with SP1/SP2/SP3/SP4/SP5/SP6, just download the SP7 installer at https://www.portsip.com/download-portsip-pbx/ and install it
Upgrade guide for Linux:
For CentOS and RHEL:
1. Install the fresh PBX: sudo rpm -ivh portsip_pbx_9.4.7.rpm
2. Upgrade from 9.4.2/9.4.3/9.4.5/9.4.6:
sudo rpm -Uvh portsip_pbx_9.4.7.rpm
sudo systemctl enable portsip-pbx.webrtcgw.service
IMPORTANT: on CentOS / RHEL, if you upgraded from currently 9.4.2/9.4.3/9.4.5 /9.4.6 to 9.4.7, you must perform below command after successfully upgraded:
sudo systemctl enable portsip-pbx.webrtcgw.service
For Ubuntu and Debian:
Install fresh PBX or upgrade from 9.4.2/9.4.3/9.4.5/9.4.6 perform below command:
sudo dpkg -i portsip_pbx_9.4.7.deb
More details please read the user guide.

Please download the PortSIP PBX here for free trial.