PortSIP PBX v12.6.3: More stable, More powerful

PortSIP PBX v12.6.3

PortSIP PBX v12.6.3 offers a new feature that stores recording data to the AWS 3 to protect your data and reduce costs.

Dec 07, 2021 – PortSIP, the developer of next-generation unified communications resolution, announced the launch of PortSIP PBX v12.6.3 for both Windows and Linux Docker.

v12.6.3 is a minor update that focuses on improving security and stability.

Changes for Release v12.6.3

  • SSv2, v3, TLS 1.0, 1.1 have been disabled
  • For the blind transfer and picked ringing call, combine the CDR and recording file into a single record
  • Add a custom option "no external recording" to stop call recording when a call is made between two external numbers.
  • Add a custom option called "www-authentication" that allows the PBX to use the wwwauthentication mechanism
  • The call hold status is no longer displayed on the Web Portal
  • For Android, fix the crash bug with push notifications
  • In the HA deployment, fix the bug where the WebRTC client has no voice
  • The WebSocket Interface (WSI) now allows a subscriber to subscribe from multiple locations
  • When a queue/group member receives a call from a ring group/queue, add the queuenumber/group number to the Remote-Party-ID and P-Asserted-Identity headers
  • Enhance High Availability, voice will no longer be interrupted if the master server is unavailable
  • Fix the bug the caller will no longer hear the MOH if the callee repeats hold/unhold the call a few times
  • Fix the bug of /api/comm_message/update and /api/comm_message/list
  • Fix the bug that for long time running, the PBX stopped to send the email notification

Please read the PortSIP PBX v12.6 User guide to upgrade!