PortSIP PBX v12.6.6: More secure

PortSIP PBX v12.6.6

PortSIP PBX v12.6.6 improves the security of your communications.

Apr 26, 2022 – PortSIP, the developer of next-generation unified communications resolution, announced the launch of PortSIP PBX v12.6.6 for both Windows and Linux Docker.

v12.6.6 is a minor update that focuses on improving security.

Changes for Release v12.6.6

This release includes the following changes:
• OpenSSL was updated to 1.1.1n to avoid CVE-2022-0778
• Resolve an issue where the SIP scanner generates ghost calls (calls that cannot
be established but generate spam CDR)
• Fix an issue that might cause the media server to crash if there were a large
number of calls on the PBX for a lengthy period of time - a few weeks
• Fix a bug that in some scenarios let the holiday appear as an office hour
• By default, the Flow-Timer(RFC5626) header is disabled
• Fix the CANCEL reason header format issue
• Before the delete operation, a message box pops up for the user to confirm
• Enhancement of performance

Please read the PortSIP PBX v12.6 User guide or the upgrading guide to upgrade!