PortSIP and Fanvil Announce Certified Interoperability of Fanvil’s IP Phones and Intercom Devices with PortSIP PBX

PortSIP and Fanvil Interoperability

Jan 30, 2024. PortSIP, a leading provider of Unified Communications solutions for both on-premise and cloud-based systems, and Fanvil, a globally recognized provider of Audio & Video-IoT (A&V-IoT) devices, are delighted to announce the certified interoperability of full range of Fanvil’s SIP devices with PortSIP PBX.

This strategic partnership between PortSIP and Fanvil is designed to offer enterprise customers and channel partners a reliable, cost-effective, and cutting-edge Unified Communications system. The integration enables rapid and easily managed deployments, capitalizing on the latest offerings from Fanvil’s SIP devices.

After thorough testing, the following models have been verified for zero-touch auto provisioning with PortSIP PBX. The supported Fanvil devices include:

  • X series: X1S/X1SG/X2/X210/X210-V2/X210i-V2/X2C/X3S/X3SG/X3SG Lite/X301(P)(G)(W)/X303(P)(G)(W)/X3SG Pro/X3S(P) Lite/X3S(P) Pro/X3U/X3U Pro/X4/X4U/X4U-V2/X5U/X5U-V2/X6U/X6U-V2/X7/X7-V2/X7A/X7C/X7C-V2
  • A series: A320/A320i/A10/A10W
  • W series:W611W/W610W/W712
  • V series: V62/V63/V64/V65/V67
  • H series: H1/H2U-V2/H3/H5/H3W/H5W
  • i series: i10S/i10SV/i10SD/i16S/i16SV/i61/i62/i63/i64/i55A/i56A/i57A
  • Y Series: Y501(W)/Y501-Y(W)
  • FH-S01
  • PA Series: PA2S/PA3
  • GA series: GA10/GA11

“Fanvil’s products have gained global recognition, and we’re thrilled to have all series integrated with our system,” said Peng Bo, CEO of PortSIP. "Fanvil is a leading brand worldwide, and its devices are as robust as they are elegantly designed. We’re excited about our joint achievements so far, and we eagerly anticipate further growth in our relationship as both companies continue to enhance our business communications offerings.”

"PortSIP PBX is a software-based Multi-tenant PBX that takes full advantage of resources like hardware, manpower, etc. to offer customers unmatched Unified Communications," said Louis Chen, Executive President of Fanvil. "Thanks to the active and close cooperation, we have finished the compatibility test for all of our SIP devices, which significantly smoothens the operating experience for both PortSIP and Fanvil users. We are deeply grateful for PortSIP, whose professionalism, efficiency, and responsibility are noticeable readily. Cheers for the remarkable achievement and the long-term close partnership."

About PortSIP (www.portsip.com)

PortSIP delivers all-in-one modern unified communications solutions to service providers, enterprises, and critical infrastructure sectors globally. Clients of PortSIP include HPE, Qualcomm, Agilent, Keysight, CHUBB, Netflix, Nextiva, FPT, Panasonic, Softbank, Telstra, T-Mobile, Siemens, BASF, Queensland Rail, and others. We engage deeply with our customers, helping them modernize their communications for improved competitive positioning and business outcomes in today’s smart, always-on, and data-hungry world.

About Fanvil (www.fanvil.com)

Fanvil is a leading global provider of Audio&Video-IoT (A&V-IoT) devices. With three R&D centers in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Suzhou, China, Fanvil has compiled an effective team of R&D, production, sales, and service staff to innovate and add value to our business partners. As the pioneer in applying standardized network communication technology and audio and video technologies to build A&V-IoT, Fanvil is boosting the digital transformation for multiple industries.