Host Your Own White Label Multi-Tenant Cloud PBX

PortSIP white label multi tenants PBX

White-label solutions refer to products or services that are created by one company for the purpose of being sold by another company under that company’s own unique branding.

Using the white label reseller business model, the second company slaps its own label over the blank (or “white") label and resells the solution to its clients, who are never the wiser.

Building your brand is never easy, but PortSIP can help you get there. Our rebranding feature allows you to fully private label your PBX and cloud PBX service and make it your own, including user agent, theme, logo, name, link, icon, and apps. You can focus on the marketing, sales and billing of your services and we'll take care of the rest!

The PortSIP PBX and SBC provide a simple, but powerful rebranding feature that allows you to customize the PortSIP PBX Web Portal according to your preferences. Below is the list of options or elements that you may customize with this add-on:

  • Product Name
  • Company Name
  • Website Link
  • Logo
  • Favicon
  • Theme
  • User Agent string of PortSIP PBX and SBC
  • WebRTC, Windows, Mobile Apps
  • Phone Template
  • Email Notifications Template

We recommend customizing your experience by uploading your own logo and favicon to align with each theme’s color palette. This will personalize your Web portal and WebRTC client app, displaying your unique logo and favicon for each theme.

IP Phone Template

PortSIP PBX allows you to customize the IP Phone template, which will give you a unique user experience and your own brand of the IP Phone. Please refer to this article: Custom IP Phone Template.

Email Notification Template

One of the features of the PortSIP PBX is the ability to customize Email Templates. Please refer to this article: Configuring Email Notifications.

Rebranding PortSIP SBC

User Agent

You can customize the PortSIP SBC User-Agent by following the steps.

Sign in to the PortSIP SBC Web Portal. Click the Menu "Settings > Advanced", in the "User-Agent" field, type the User-Agent string you want.

Sign in to the PortSIP SBC Web Portal, and click the Menu "Settings > Rebranding", and you can edit the below items for rebranding.

  • Web Portal Title
  • Website Link
  • Support Link
  • Company Name
  • Product Name
  • Logo
  • Favicon
  • Theme
  • The bottom text for the login page

PortSIP PBX Solution Has Your Back

When weighing the solution for hosting the Cloud PBX, you have to look at your needs today and tomorrow. You have to ask yourself where you want to be in the next year or two and beyond.

Here at PortSIP, we’ll walk you through everything, including free porting of your existing solution. We’ll help you select the right VoIP desk phones that meet your client's budget and everyday business needs.

In the age of the cloud, you cannot keep inching along with a legacy PBX. Your traditional PBX solution costs you more than it’s saving.

Take advantage of the PortSIP Solution and the freedom to work from anywhere. PortSIP PBX lets you focus on serving your customers, not trying to figure out the system. You can leave the rest to us.