PortSIP PBX 9.4.2 for Linux is ready!


June 5, 2018 — PortSIP Solutions, Inc., developer of the software-based Unified Communications Solution, announces the PortSIP PBX 9.4.2 for Linux is ready!

A Complete, Powerful, Unified Communications Solution for both on-premise deployment and cloud
The 9.4.2 includes below new things:
  • Allow enable / disable the billing for inbound and outbound calls.
  • Allow set the billing rate chonon for each billing rule
  • Fixed some bugs
  • More enhancements for stability
Upgrading from PortSIP PBX 9.4.0
In PortSIP PBX 9.4.0 for Linux, the product name is “portpbx”. From 9.4.2, PortSIP PBX for Linux has been
renamed to “portsip-pbx”. Therefore, if you have installed V 9.4.0 and need to upgrade to a newer version,
please follow below steps:
1. Backup your existing PBX
    a. Sign in PortSIP PBX Management Console
    b. Go to the menu "Settings" > "Backup", backup all items and download the backup file.
2. Uninstall the 9.4.0
    a. CentOS/Redhat: sudo rpm -e portpbx
b. Debian/Ubuntu: sudo dpkg -P portpbx
3. After uninstalled, delete below folders manually:
sudo rm -r /var/lib/portpbx
sudo rm -r /opt/portsip/pbx
4. Install 9.4.2
    a. Download the 9.4.2 at here.
    b. Follow the User guide to install it.
    c. After installed, sign in the PBX Management Console
    d. Go to the menu "Settings" > "Backup", import the backup file and choose it to restore.

Please download the PortSIP PBX here for free trial.