PortSIP VoIP SDK v16 is released


June 6, 2018 — PortSIP Solutions, Inc., developer of the software-based Unified Communications Solution, announces the PortSIP  VoIP SDK v16 is released!

Accelerate and Simplify the Development of Voice, Video and IM

PortSIP VoIP SDK (SIP SDK, Softpohne SDK) provides flexible APIs that developers can utilize to quickly implement voice, video and IM apps for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS!

This v16 is a major release, the key highlights are:

  1. Rewrite the audio and video engine, improve the audio and video call quality
  2. Updated the iOS and Android SDK to latest version which support the newest features of iPhone and Android
  3.  Hardware acceleration for video encode and decode 
  4. New Xamarain sample project for Android
  5. Added enableEarlyMedia function
  6. Remove muteMicrophone, muteSpeaker functions, use the muteSession to instead of it
  7. Renamed setAudioQos to enableAudioQos
  8. Renamed setVideoQos to enableVideoQos
  9. Fixed some bugs
  10. Add the enableRport API allow us to enable/disable rport, default is enabled
  11. PERS rewrote for below purposes:
    • Provide the Session Border Controller feature
    • Provide the VoIP Anti-Blocking feature for UAE
    • Support for TCP Tunnel

Please download the PortSIP VoIP SDK here for free trial.