PortSIP PBX v12.2: Evolution

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PortSIP PBX v12.2 enables companies to have high performance, rock solid unified communications system.

June 06, 2020 – PortSIP, developer of next-generation unified communications systems today announced the launch of PortSIP PBX v12.2 for both Windows and Linux Docker.

v12.2 is a minor update but offers a large improvement, and provide many exciting new features. Each tenant can rebrand the PBX in an easy way, and introduce the DID pool concept that made the inbound calls easy to manage.

Release Notes

  1. Rewrite REST API gateway, better performance.
  2. All the ID in REST API is in int64 now convert to string since JS can’t handle int64.
  3. The admin can assign the trunk to a specified tenant and set the DID pool so that the tenant can only access the trunk which assigned to him, and just use the DID from the DID pool range.
  4. Admin/tenant can modify the logo, and company name to customize the PBX
  5. Allow enable/disable send an email notification to the extension when received a voicemail
  6. Allow the extension to set up the DID/DDI number directly instead of creating the inbound rule separately
  7. Allow setting the exceptional forward rules to bypass the extension forward rules
  8. Support the silence monitoring, whisper, barge-in, barge-break
    a. Dial 888*101 to silence monitor 101; during monitoring, press 2 to whisper, press 3 barge-in, press 4 to barge-break
    b. Dial 888*101*2 to whisper the 101; dial 888*101*3 to barge-in; dial 888*101*4 to barge-break
  9. The client can add a SIP header X-Outbound-CLI to specify the outbound caller ID
  10. For the virtual receptionist, the action URL and the matched DTMF allows being set up as a range. It’s used for the below scenario: someone calls to the virtual receptionist and enters his bank card number. If the number falls in the matched DTMF range, the virtual receptionist will call the action URL to return some values.
  11. Modified the extension status value. Supported values include
    1. Not registered
    2. Registered
    3. Hold
    4. Queue member ready
    5. Queue member not ready
  12. In v12.2, it only allows specifying one DID for each inbound rule, and can't specify DID range or multiple DIDs for an inbound rule.
  13. In v12.2, it only allows to specify one trunk/provider for each inbound rule, and cannot set multiple trunk/providers to each inbound rule.
  14. In v12.2, it allows to specify both CID and DID for each inbound rule, and the inbound rule may use for the wildcard. For example, set the CID as 44**, which means if the caller number is prefixed with 44 and has 6 digits in total, this CID will be matched.
  15. Support hold/unhold/refer/attended refer the call by REST API.
  16. Allows the call keep ringing even there no agents online of the call queue
  17. Use separate ports for download the file then easy to control the file security by firewall
  18. Support SNOM IP Phone
  19. Support Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise H2/H2P DeskPhone

Updated REST API




How to upgrade

Download the user guide and read the section 2.4.

Please download the PortSIP PBX v12 here.