PortSIP PBX v12.5: the unique Contact Center solution

PortSIP PBX v12.5

PortSIP PBX v12.5 offers unique contact center solution.

May 10, 2021 – PortSIP, developer of next-generation unified communications resolution today announced the launch of PortSIP PBX v12.5 for both Windows and Linux Docker.

v12.5 is a minor update that focuses on improve the Contact Center features.

Release Notes

  1. Added an option that allows to set up the agent sign in the call queue automatically or not. If set to on, once the agent registered to PBX, he/she will be signed in to the call queues set the status to "Ready" automatically then ACD able to distribute the calls to him/her, after the agent completed a call, the status will be set to "Ready" automatically. If this option set off, the agent status will be "Not ready" after he/she registered to PBX, agent must call the REST API or dial the feature code to change the status to "Ready" manually in order to let the ACD distribute calls to him/her, after the agent completed a call, the status will be set to "Not Ready" automatically for wrap up.
  2. PortSIP PBX v12.5 provides the "Exclusive Agent" feature allow set up one or more agents from the queue as "Exclusive Agent" for the special callers, once the call comes from these callers, the queue will distribute the call to the exclusive agent give the highest priority if the agent is idle, of course, if all exclusive agents are busy / sign out, the call will be distributed to other agents. Note: if the call is not coming from the specified caller numbers, the exclusive agent works as the normal agent.
  3. PortSIP PBX v12.5 provides the VIP Caller feature, make VIP customers feel special when trying to connect contact center. When the VIP call was determined, the queue always gives the top priority to the caller and pushed on top of the queue.
  4. Harass Numbers. Spam calls are the plague of all businesses, especially call centers, PortSIP PBX provides two ways for anti spam calls:
    • A global "Number Blacklist", will reject the call silently if the caller is on the number blacklist. You can find the details in PortSIP PBX User guide section 12.2 Number Blacklist.
    • Harass Number. PortSIP PBX also provides the "Harass Number" features for anti the spam calls only of the Call queue. The harass number is defined as two levels, if a caller is determined in the "Level 1", the preset prompt file will be played to alert the caller, and if the caller press 1 the call will be hang-up, press 2 the call will continue; if a caller is determined in the "Level 2", the preset prompt file will be played to alert the caller, and the call will be hang-up after play finished.
  5. From v12.5,PortSIP PBX provides the real-time Pub/Sub mechanism which bases on the WebSocket, the user is able to create the WebSocket in any programming languages to subscribe to the PBX events, once the subscribed events occur, PortSIP PBX will push the event message to the subscriber automatically, the message is in the JSON format. Please find more details Going Real-Time with PortSIP PBX Pub/Sub.
  6. Support press DTMF *48 to pause call recording and *49 to resume recording during the call.
  7. Fixed some minor bugs.

Please download the PortSIP PBX v12.5 User guide to upgrade!