PortSIP PBX v16.4.0 is Ready


May 23, 2024, PortSIP, a leading developer of modern unified communications solutions, announced the release of PortSIP PBX v16.4.0, available for both Windows and Linux platforms.

The PortSIP PBX v16.4.0 is an import release for migrating from legacy FCM APIs to HTTP v1 for Android Push Notifications.

All PortSIP PBX v16.x users need to upgrade to this version to ensure the Android push notifications work correctly.

Key Updates in PortSIP PBX Release v16.4.0

  • Now the PortSIP SBC supports transcoding.
  • Google will stop supporting the legacy FCM APIs for push notifications in June 2024, all PortSIP PBX v16.x installations need to be upgraded to v16.4.0 to make the push notifications work correctly, please reference the article: Migrate from legacy FCM APIs to HTTP v1 for Android Push Notifications.
  • From v16.4, when a trunk is added, the outbound call over this trunk will apply the outbound caller ID to the FROM header by default, no longer needing to make the changes for the outbound parameters manually.
  • Limited the file name size to a maximum of 128 characters when uploading the voice prompt files.
  • Support French and Russian languages.

REST API changes

  • Updated /api/mobile_push series API, removed android_server_key, android_sender_id, and added android_service_account to specify the contents of the Firebase Cloud Messaging service account JSON file.

Users running PortSIP PBX v16.x must follow the guide for upgrading the PBX: Upgrading PortSIP PBX v16.x to the Latest Version before July 2024.

PortSIP SBC v10.1.0

In addition to the PBX release, PortSIP has also rolled out the SBC v10.1.0. This minor release is focused on audio transcoding to improve compatibility.

The following changes are included in this release:

  • Support audio transcoding
  • Support French and Russian languages in the SBC web portal.
  • The WebRTC client app supports French and Russian languages.

Users are advised to follow the guide titled Upgrading PortSIP SBC v10.x to the Latest Version for a smooth upgrade process.


The Apps for Windows Desktop, WebRTC, iOS, and Android are also updated to support French and Russian languages, please update.