What's Unified Communications as a Service? (UCaaS)

UCaaS providers managed unified communications platform and deliver it as a cloud service to their SMB and Enterprise clients. Delivering UC in the cloud provides additional scalability for a provider looking into expand their business. With a multi-tenant unified communications platform, delivering UCaaS becomes increasingly simple and profitable. 


At PortSIP, we offer the PortSIP UCaaS for large service providers, which supports 1M+ users by deployed Kubernetes and is easy to scale to support more users by simply adding more servers, to satisfy all the Unified Communications-critical features. PortSIP provides our enterprise users and service provider customers with a powerful way to grow revenue and tap new markets. To learn more, email sales@portsip.com.

Deploy, Manage, and Scale Your Own Telecom Infrastructure

PortSIP UCaaS is a feature-rich UC platform hosted in your data center or public cloud that enables infinite scale



PortSIP UCaaS is a scalable and reliable platform which built base on PortSIP PBX, and its core components include: Edge Proxy Server, Call Manager, DB, Zookeeper, Kafka/NATS Server, Redis, Media Server, REST API Gateway, File server, Voicemail, Presence, Conference server, Auto attendant, Call Queue, MOH. All of these components are deployed as cluster and managed by Kubernetes.

For both redundancy and scalability consideration, many Kubernetes Pods of any components can exist at the same time, which maximizes your service offering. 

It is crystal to client application as the PortSIP UCaaS is a infinitely resourceful PBX and all the clusters details are hidden.


PortSIP UCaaS, a powerful carrier grade UC solution designed to scale effortlessly, provides open REST APIs for developers to build their own integrations and a suite of pre-built applications as well as features that service providers can use immediately - all packaged in a modern user interface. 

Our strategy is to offer our customers an API-driven extensible solution that enables rapid integration of third-party solutions, such as OSS and BSS, as well as AI and IoT technologies to incorporate advanced functionality and communication with IoT devices.

PortSIP UCaaS integrate with 3rd service
PortSIP Make Unified Communications Easy

Unified Communications Made Easy

PortSIP UCaaS takes your business communications to the next level, helping to improve collaboration, boost productivity, increase mobility and enhance the customer experience.  PortSIP UCaaS offers the rich features for Unified Communications.
  • Sharing screen during the call
  • WebRTC Client
  • Sending file, picture, audio and video message likes WhatsApp
  • Client app for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS
  • Presence, Instance message
  • HD audio and video call
  • Integrated Contact Center
  • Integrated Video Conferencing
  • Edge Proxy Server


PortSIP UCaaS supports PUSHs notification, which eliminates the need to keep the client app running in mobile background and reduces battery consumption.

  • Mobile PUSH notification for call and messaging
  • Sharing screen during the call
  • Sending file, picture, voice and video message likes WhatsApp
  • Answer calls from mobile or IP Phone or Windows Softphone
  • Take your office extension with you anywhere.
PortSIP PBX Mobility
PortSIP UCaaS Service

Additional Offerings + Services

PortSIP offers a comprehensive suite of additional services for Large Service Providers with customer configuration requirements, including:
TLS/WSS/SRTP, Private Networks and Public Cloud
Deployment support, custom architecture design, and software consultation.
Accelerate your Ready-to-use and shortest Time-to-Market strategy with PortSIP Developer Services. PortSIP offers consulting and software development services to large clients with customized needs.

Top Reasons For Choosing PortSIP UCaaS

Not forked from open source

Instead of being forked from open source project, PortSIP UCaaS is developed by PortSIP team, which offers high-performance, enables handle 1M+ users that’s easy to host the cloud UCaaS service.


PortSIP UCaaS is capable of handling 1M+ users, and offers genuine multi-tenant capabilities, which allow service provider to host only one platform instance to provide virtual UCaaS services to customers.

Rich Communication Services

PortSIP UCaaS provides Rich Communication Services, which enables the app to sharing screen, sending files, pictures, voice and video messages as it works like WhatsApp.

Video conferencing

PortSIP UCaaS integrated the Video Conferencing, it works like ZOOM, you can easy to join conference or invite the participant by one click.  the SIP standards video conferencing and collaboration solution that transforms your communications, increases productivity, slashes travel expenses, boosts customer service and propels sales!

Edge Proxy Server

PortSIP UCaaS has the edge proxy server which sits in front of the cluster, allowing easier bridge connection of remote extensions. It enables to tackle firewall or telecom provider issues and hide the topology of PortSIP UCaaS network.

Native WebRTC

Unlike most other products use WebRTC Gateway to transform between WebRTC and SIP,  PortSIP UCaaS uses WSS transport to handle SIP signaling for WebRTC directly, use PortSIP unique DTLS-SRTP pipeline to bridge audio and video between WebRTC and SIP, brings excellent communicate experiences to users!