PortSIP PBX v16.4.1 is Ready

PortSIP PBX 16.4.1

Jun 12, 2024, PortSIP, a leading developer of modern unified communications solutions, announced the release of PortSIP PBX v16.4.1, available for both Windows and Linux platforms.

The PortSIP PBX v16.4.1 is a minor release for fixing some issues and improve the performance.

Key Updates in PortSIP PBX Release v16.4.1

  • Support the Microsoft Teams direct routing refer request.
  • Upgraded the DB to PostgreSQL 14.12.
  • Fix an issue when provisioning the ALE H2P phone via RPS.
  • Fix a bug that if an extension registers to PBX from IPv4 and IPv6 devices simultaneously.
  • Allow set the Queue and ring group number for the BLF key.

Users running PortSIP PBX v16.x recommended upgrading to this version as the guide for upgrading the PBX: Upgrading PortSIP PBX v16.x to the Latest Version.

PortSIP SBC v10.1.2

In addition to the PBX release, PortSIP has also rolled out the SBC v10.1.2. This minor release fixed the issue for the IPv4 client devices.

The following changes are included in this release:

  • Support the IPv6 client

Users are advised to follow the guide titled Upgrading PortSIP SBC v10.x to the Latest Version for a smooth upgrade process.